About that Nick Wavish

Hi. I'm Nick; a Designer, Art Director and drawerer of nice things. Most of my work focuses around interactive where I promote the benefits of rich story telling with a fanatical attention to user experience.

By believing each piece of work has its own narrative I'm averse to offering any sort of formulaic approach to the brief and instead prefer to employ appropriate methods — typography, illustration, motion, magic – to make sure that the interface the visitors happen upon is as unique and brilliant as possible.

I've worked at some brilliant places during my spell; unit9, Pirata, B-Reel, BBH to name a few, where I've picked up some lovely awards including a One Show Gold, New York Festival, BIMA and a clutch of FWAs.

Outside of pondering the wonderful realm of time–based interactions I like putting things in hot ovens and making noise; some of which you can listen to here;