Space Glass branding

A special whisky glass engineed to give a beautiful drinking experience in the microgravity of space. 

The Ballantine’s space glass means wherever we go after Earth, we can take whisky with us. The specially engineered glass uses capillary action to deliver just enough whisky to the mouth whilst keeping it from leaving the glass and floating off into the abyss.

The brief was to brand the glass in such a way that it felt both sophistacated and sci-fi. Something that however far into the future and universe it will go, will stay true Ballantine’s.

Idea, writing, making: Anna Rose Kerr

The logo retains the Edwardian heritage of the Ballantine’s logo but reinvents the B monogram to live in the future. It also demonstrates the delivery mechanism in the glass itself.
Check out the medium publication for a massive in depth look at the project including the making of, philosophy, all the cool tests in obscure labs in Germany and so on:  SPACE GLASS︎