Unforgettable Nights

With 1 in 4 young people leaving high school with an STI this global platform wants you to remember your night for the right reasons.

Art direction: Pat Comer
Production: Will Reid with CP Works BCN
Stills: John Ogun

The campaign follows four young people on a night out where they hook up with someone, have a great time, and head back home with them. Everything isn’t quite as it seems though when the voiceover takes a turn for the worse.

Each film focuses on a different kind of environment where hookups might happen, from a club, a gig, or a bar.

We shot in a style that looks like a memory coming together as we play it back to ourselves, with little vignettes and a hazy soundtrack.

The work is supported with posters, social and a hubsite where people can learn more about STIS

The Unforgettable Nights platform stretches to a tie-in with music events where Durex is onsite to help make a night memorable for the right reasons